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Dont even want to watch the t20 world cup : Riyan Rarag takes sly dig at BCCI with staggering biased remark

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'Don't even want to watch the T20 World Cup': Riyan Parag's staggering 'biased' remark

Jun 03, 2024 09:13 AM IST

Rajasthan Royals star Riyan Parag made a sensational statement admitting that he has no interest in watching the T20 World Cup this year.

Amid concerns of a low turnout at the venues, the ninth edition of the T20 World Cup kicked off on Sunday, with both the host nations securing convincing wins. While the USA beat Canada by seven wickets, riding on a sensational knock from Aaron Jones at the Grand Prairie Stadium in Dallas, West Indies survived a scare on a tricky two-paced track in Guyana against Papua New Guinea. India, meanwhile, will begin their campaign on June 5 against Ireland at the Nassau County International Cricket Stadium in New York.


Riyan Parag makes a staggering statement on the 2024 T20 World Cup

Riyan Parag makes a staggering statement on the 2024 T20 World Cup

Rising sensation Riyan Parag, who was in the conversation for a spot in India's T20 World Cup squad after a phenomenal show for Rajasthan Royals in IPL 2024, on Sunday, was asked to pick his semifinalists for the ICC tournament. But the youngster refrained from answering as he admitted that he doesn't have any interest in watching the T20 World Cup tournament, and would have only be bothered about the possible top four had he been part of the squad.


"It will be a biased answer (prediction on top four teams) but to be very honest I don't even want to watch the World Cup. I'll just see who is winning it at the end and I'll be happy. When I will play the World Cup, I will think about top four and all of that," Parag said in a chat with The Bharat Army.

The 22-year-old has a superb IPL season this year, scoring 573 runs at an average of 52.09 and a strike-rate of 149.21, and is confident in breaking into the Indian team at some point in the near future.

"At some point, you'll have to take me, right? So that is my belief, I'm going to play for India," Parag was quoted as saying by PTI. "I don't really care when. [Even] when I was not scoring runs - I said this in an [earlier] interview as well that I am going to play for India.

"That is me believing in myself. That is not me being arrogant. That is what my plan was with my dad [former Railways and Assam player Parag Das], when I started playing cricket when I was like 10-years old. We were going to play for India regardless of anything."

India will travel to Zimbabwe after the T20 World Cup and with most regulars likely to be rested from the format, the selectors are expected to send a young squad and Parag could be among them.

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Selfish trait, not good for unity in dressing room or team culture. Just say best of luck and move on, why these digs at your country's team, a team you want to be a part of in the future. If he gets selected for India and is dropped for a match will he wear opponent's jersey in the dressing room?

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1 hour ago, Lord said:

As long as he's performing, thats the only thing matters. Don't want humble trash players.

I kept saying this in Pandya's case. But here it is different. He says he won't cheer for his team mates if he isn't getting selected. WTH. 


Could have at least thought about Samson and Yashasvi. 

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Good to have self belief. Most people have self belief. The ones that succeed have good amount of self belief anyway. Self awareness/Self belief does not matter. One has to be smart along with having skills and self belief to have constant success. There is no gain for him from making this noise at this point in time. I like Parag and would hate to see him turn into another Hardik.


Also sometime making multiple comments at the same time brings context in which it can come up as confidence or arrogance. He does not want to come up as too arrogant when he is yet to play for India. You can't behave like peak Kohli and get away with it when you are a nobody.


It's not about humble/not humble at all. Be smart about your career, Keep working hard and enjoy success without insulting anyone.



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30 minutes ago, Chakdephatte said:

I kept saying this in Pandya's case. But here it is different. He says he won't cheer for his team mates if he isn't getting selected. WTH. 


Could have at least thought about Samson and Yashasvi. 


He was asked about top 4. He said he doesn't wanna give biased answer. So obviously he wants us to win.


Even in IPL he said he was happy for Samson.

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14 minutes ago, rageaddict said:

Riyan don't take panga with BCCI even before you are an established player, they will make you the Sushant Singh Rajput of Cricket.

There are some unwritten protocols these noobs should follow to a T. Many players were left in cold

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Respect to Parag as he's not wrong. He was the top scorer in SMA trophy with highest no. of 6s. He followed it up with a stellar IPL and was the best performing middle order batsman. And what happened? Nothing as he and Abhishek weren't selected when they should've been first names on the sheet based on performance. Looks like even Jaiswal won't get a game in the WT20, and the oldies will continue to stink up the place.

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1 hour ago, someone said:

What an idiot. Squad selection also involves yes from your captain/teammates.


Why would a captain select him when he has a loud mouth, runs to media to diss own team/country.


Tough to keep a straight face when the captain himself doesn't deserve a spot in the team. And no, the teammates don't need to sign up to include Parag. This is national team selection, not selection of a babu for a sarkari naukri

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