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Guess the price of these paintings sold in auction !!!

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17 minutes ago, velu said:

@coffee_rules  your insights please :pray:

I know least about painting, I will not diss the art of painting but diss the worth of  such art. There is no art here. The problem is with the demand that is creating bad form of supply. It is not the case with classical dance/music. The value could be that the shade/color and transgression of the paint from dim to bright is hard to replicate and hence valued that high. But to value it in crores seems shady (pun intended) and makes a case for money laundering. 

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2 hours ago, Trichromatic said:

It's brilliant actually.


You can never question this. In case of other items, one can estimate the price.

Why only politicians? I'd think it explains the high price of some of the absurd paintings shown above.  

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