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Austin 3:!6

If Rayudu plays the world cup....WE RIOT

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Enough with this nonsense. Can't stress on the fact more that he is not an international class batsman. It will be a farce if this joke of a player plays at no.4 for us. I hope someone knocks some sense on team management and put Rahul or even Prithvi Shaw at 4.


Bottom line is...if Rayudu plays the world cup...we riot in front of the stadium. :protest:

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He is probably the most limited/talent-less player selected in the last 20 years.


Staggering how he firstly somehow made it back into the team after years away (nearly 34 FFS) ahead of a ton of players with better stats and secondly he is always picked to play despite his performances stinking more than his stale biryani.


Should stick to beating up senior citizens as that is his only visible talent...


Image result for ambati rayudu

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