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Emmanuel Macrons plan to reorganise Islam

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2 hours ago, Texy said:

The only ones who can reform ISLAM  are muslims themselves, anyone else attempting otherwise will be seen as outsider trying to attack the religion

Why do you think they will? Only thing that can reform Islam is Dandaa(stick)Even during its genesis, It was very tolerant till there was fear of Dandaa from other sects. Once it reaches critical power, it starts reforming by officially killing /executing  Muslims who opposes violent Islam.

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Canada’s minister of foreign affairs -


We stand in solidarity with our French friends. Turkey’s recent comments about France are totally unacceptable. We must return to respectful diplomatic exchanges. We will always stand together to defend freedom of expression with respect.



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23 minutes ago, diga said:


Will muslims boycott China ?

Unlikely, European nations like India are weak targets because tolerance demonstrated to all creed. 


Similarly there has been worse done in US, few years back South Park did an episode with Muhammed in it along with other religious figures, but the Muslim world did zilch. Some death threats from obscure groups but no calls for massive boycott and nuclear bombing of USA. 




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1 hour ago, putrevus said:

Why are guys like Imran Khan and Erodogan acting as if Musilms are victims here. One family lost their father that too a middle school teacher who was just doing his job.


Since, In their country, the Kafirs are unequal and prosecuted for blasphemy. They are not used to concept of equality and freedom

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