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Sachin Tendulkar in hospital with Covid-19

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Indian cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar, who tested positive for Covid-19 last week, has been admitted to hospital.

Tendulkar tweeted on Friday that he decided to go to a hospital in Mumbai "as a matter of abundant precaution under medical advice".

The former captain, who is loved by millions, added that he was hoping to be back home in a few days.



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1 hour ago, sage said:

10 days ago he tested positive. 4 days ago in hospital, still no word.




However, in the evening, childhood friend Atul Ranade, who speaks to the retired maestro daily, confirmed that the doctors hospitalized Tendulkar only as a "precautionary measure."

"It's good that he got hospitalized because it's much better to monitor him in the hospital. He had persistent borderline symptoms (for covid), so it was necessary. With all the machines available there, they can monitor his health parameters properly," Ranade told TOI.

According to sources, Tendulkar, a 'Bharat Ratna,' has been admitted to the HN Reliance Foundation Hospital in Girgaon in South Mumbai. It's the same hospital where Rashmi Thackeray, wife of Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackeray, was admitted to on Tuesday.


Sachin Tendulkar's fans need not worry: Classmate Ranade (msn.com)


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1 hour ago, DeepSpace said:

Hope he stays healthy. Man, I was thinking after getting immunized that there is glimmer of hope in visiting India this winter, but I am not so sure. :sad:

The vaccine is good for only 8 months. You would have to take another shot in December.

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3 hours ago, DeepSpace said:

Well the bigger concern is people are testing COVID positive after getting immunized. 

Vaccine gives your body best chance to fight. It’s like your first line of defense. Atleast you won’t need hospitalisation. Anyway it won’t stop here you will need booster shots.

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16 hours ago, DeepSpace said:

Well the bigger concern is people are testing COVID positive after getting immunized. 

so here is the thing the other corona virus' the one that have been friends with humans now they come and go every season but dont kill us all - we put flue vaccines seasonally and they also dont kill healthy ones among us but live on its a delicate balance.  This covid 19 sar covid corona virus will also eventually get into that stable and be pals with us so to say , we keep vaccinating and killing some of them they keep killing some infirm among us but noting serious. 

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