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Imam-Ul-Haq: Underrated?

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Snapshot of Imam's career thus far:


-ODI stats of 52 @ 81


-7 100s and 7 50s, indicating high conversion rate


-Best score of 151 against England in England


-Second fastest to 1k ODI runs


He is still only 25 years old and SR is improving (was in 70s earlier) but gets massive amount of hate. Why?


Above stats are note-worthy. 

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5 out of his 7 100s are against Zim (3), SL and Ban...


And he scored one 100 each against England and South Africa and both times Paxtaan ended up losing....:phehe:


Tells everything you need to know. He's pretty much a poor man's Dhawan who would say fukk all to the RR and just prod along the way even on roads. If anything he's actually overrated.....

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1 hour ago, Suhaan said:

He should have a good career in tests

LOIs ,he is a steady batsmen but in a batting shoot out he will be exposed like we have seen with our top 4 against England

I too think that he can perform the best in test matches

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