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Comparison of age between India's 2007 and 2022 T20 World Cup squads

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3 hours ago, Chakdephatte said:

Age was not the deciding factor. Why it's hard to see it was a 'good' side not just 'young'. Our star was our most (2nd) experienced batter, Yuvi. 

Even he was 25 only,nearly Pant's age.


What helped is that no one gave them a chance, so they played without fear and just enjoyed themselves. Current team doesnt have that mentality.

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20 hours ago, Sean Bradley said:

I have been saying this all this while. T20 is a youth game. Remember back then, our seniors voluntarily decided to skip the WC and let youngsters go out there and have some Fun.


We havent made to any final of WT20 post the inaugural event. Thats no surprise.

Dravid and Sachin were 34 at that time. Kohli and Rohit are 34(soon to be) and 35 respectively but they can't step aside for some reason. 

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Dravid stunk as on odi player.So him opting out of T20 world cup was not a big deal.Sachin could have adapted to T20 if he was younger so him opting out was no suprise either. We all saw how long both of them tried to hang on to other formats .


It is not the case here Rohit and Kohli are still the best t20 batsmen for India in Australia.So why should they quit for some bozos who are not even equipped to handle bounce and pace in Australia.

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