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#Castiest BCCI trending on Twitter.

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While the fact that cricket is more of an upper class game in India is true, the BCCI itself is not discriminatory. It may be that cricket is somewhat expensive at professional level. Even among higher castes, people shy away from sports unless they succeed at a very early age and have a backup option. I have observed that people in big cities watch more cricket in general (I was born in a village). More of a cultural thing. 

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In TN this accusation has been around for a long time. CR Rangachari, Venkatraghavan, KrishSrikkanth, TE Srinivasn, WV Raman, Sadagopan Ramesh, Muali vijay. I am not sure if DK is brahmin. some say Nadar. I think he is Brahmin, Badrinath.  Ravi Ashwin  I am not sure about Balaji. Robin singh is the only player that i know for sure is not Brahmin. A West Indian origin player. You can still see this question floating around in Quora. 

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As Dalit SC my self I would vouch that BCCI is all other **** but not casteist.  You can’t make kambli a tendulkar when he can’t perform.  

other than some odd description in the early 90s , my family married Brahmin  Parel and other high caste.  However my forefather faced discrimination a lot in 1970s and before.  


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Where BCCI really lacked was that cricket in India was limited to top tier cities till 90s. Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai and to an extent Delhi. Compare this to our neighbours Pakistan where they had cricketers even from villages like Waqar Younis. 

This is why whole large population argument was superficial. We always had very limited pool of players who got scouted.

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