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Commentary Panel revealed for India Eng Series. No Nasser & Atherton this time.

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5 minutes ago, rollingstoned said:

Knight is a good commentator, don't know why people here are panning that. Butcher isnt a bad commentator either tbh. Gavaskar and siva are decent commentators depending on where they commentate. 

Butcher is commentating on this Eng SL series & he is worst of the lot I have to say.  Zero insight & his voice is sleep inducing.  Simon Doull doing a fine job though. 

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18 minutes ago, Nikhil_cric said:

Enough of Athers and Nasser. Nasser, in particular, is a bit overrated.  

So who according to you is good..  Certainly not that Fox team of Hussey & Warne who were asking Paine to declare with 250 lead & get Indians 8 down at stumps lol...  Nasser & Atherton are best when it comes to unbiased commentary...  Deep das almost cries when India starts to lose on air

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Who else is there among Indians? Our commentators are by and large mediocre, Zak and Sir Aggy work better in the post-session/day analysis sitting in the studio. Siva and Deep will at least talk a bit about domestic scene, Siva did some good analysis about spin bowling last I remember, a slight improvement maybe? Sunnyji is there for his unfunny and oft repeated 'jokes' and milestone talk, Bhogle and Karthik dunno what they bring to the table!!!!!


Ok if Nasser and Athers are missing. But why not rope in KP and Swann, heroes of 2012. KP is a strong analyst and popular name in India, Swann is damn funny and a sharp mind. Even Sanga would have been good, isn't he an honorary Englishman these days? 


Why can't we hire some non-Indians to commentate in our home matches, someone said Doull. I would love to see more of Ian Bishop, probably the best commentator going around, such a chilled guy and love how he dissects fast bowling, he also seems to love doing the job unlike most others. And damn sure he knows more about our domestic, U-19 scene than all Indian commentators. Wonderful if we could have him as a permanent commentator here in India like Holding in Sky/England. 

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Most of the experts have found a way to earn money in covid times and that is Youtube channel. And this quarantine rules have made difficult it for them to show some zeal to travel in diferent country to cover the matches. I just hope TMS covers the tour, I dont spare time to watch matches anyway.

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