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Shubman Gill : Just too many weaknesses ?


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Doesn't look convincingly good against spin. A decent spinner like Maharaj cleans him up in a single ball everytime.


Awfully bad against any kind of movement whether swing or seam.


On top of that habit of throwing away starts by playing loose shots once set.

Also he hasn't done well in T20Is at all despite playing at the easiest of positions.


Not sure how will he make it big in international cricket with so many loose areas in his game.

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I think they've moved him too fast too quickly. He will succeed in international cricket no doubt, will be stupid to even think of discarding him.

He's like Kohli of 2011-12.  Next gen talent, but he has suddenly become the first-choice starter in all formats, an opener as well (except for today's match). Has already played a world cup with ~1.5 years of international experience like Kohli did in 2011.


I think they should give him a break in at least one format (maybe ODIs) for a few months. Let him pick up his game in the other formats and then reassess how to tighten his game.

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A hail mary move right now should be to move him further down to 5 and allow him to play freely ala Travis Head. Against old ball, he can do some damage if he clicks...


If he fails even there, time to shut the door. I don't think a guy like Gill has any incentive to go back to domestic cricket and work on his red ball weaknesses.. 

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Till now he seems to lack the hunger for success.


Not really an issue of having technical deficiencies. 90% of successful batsmen have them. 


He just throws away his wicket too easily in tests and T20Is. Seems to be happy with what he has achieved so far and does not want to succeed in international cricket at all costs. 


This issue can be overcome .. but only if he wants success.

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Proteas, please send this entitled brat permanently to Bollywood where he can be a doormat or spotboy for nepo kids. Heck Orry is more talented and has more personality than this boring, inept guy.


Him being a permanent starter with a test average of 28 after 20 tests is the biggest corruption scandal in Indian cricket. And btw has he reached double digits once overseas after Gabba fluke?



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Its down to BCCI again they are looking for next superstar, they thought either Pant or KL Rahul will make it big and they pushed them in all 3 format and gave them every chance to succeed, now Pant is out not sure for how long and KL is already getting into 30+ age bracket, now they are putting all their faith in Gill.


He just need to do well in 1 format and do okish in other 2 to be marketable per BCCI hence he is getting to pick his spot, being pushed as next superstar, termed as Prince.


They did same with Pant who clearly lacked T20i kind of batting, has some of the lowest SR in T20I for Ind but he got all the chances, even in ODIs he has only 1 century.

His kind of style may suite Test when bowlers and fielder are tired and his mishits lands into open areas. 


KL Rahul was also treated in the same way, when he started failing as opener he was pushed into lower order and to make him certainty he was asked to keep the wkts.


Could never imagine he would have been in the team in 90s or in early 2000s with that kind of failure at the top of the batting order. 


Ind must select the batters suited for the format. 


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This overrated 'tailunt' has played both the WTC Finals. (2021 & 2023).   Here are his scores: 28 & 8 (vs NZ); 13 & 18 (vs Aus).   Avg: 16       And we also know what he did in the ODI WC2023 Final.  Yes, it's different format, but the point is his performance in ICC finals across all formats has always been below par.  These are the games where a team needs the most from an opener. 

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Gill seems to be a less tubby version of Prithvi Shaw. 


Both lack the mental fortitude, desire and focus to make it at international level. Gill has had a long consistent run and still flatters to deceive, his numbers merit being dropped. However the current regime is incapable of making hard decisions so expect Gill to be another passenger like Rahane, Pujara and Kohli were for circa 3 years.    

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