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The mediocre players have been flushed down

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19 minutes ago, Serpico said:

Hopefully this is also the end of KL as wicket keeper in test cricket. He should earn his place as a proper 45 averaging batsman in middle order or, someone deserving like Sarfraz should get it. Dhruv should be our test keeper both home and away


With pant back into playing its going lots of competition for kl.


Pant is a better test batter than him in terms of ability from what I have seen.


Plus kl seems to strike out injured regularly.





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30 minutes ago, G_B_ said:


Pant is a better test batter than him in terms of ability from what I have seen.


Plus kl seems to strike out injured regularly.


Pant should not get an automatic spot in the 11 neither should KL, Jurel needs to play longer for his efforts in this series! If the other two want to make bank in IPL let them do it, keep Jurel for tests/ODI & like I said in another thread keep the test guys away from T20 :om:

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This series has only strengthened our team (which is a massive positive in every way) and weeded out some garbage from the squad. 



An extremely fortunate blessing in disguise with Kohli, Shami, KL, Iyer etc getting unavailable at the right time and also a courageous resting of Bumrah in the current test. We would have gained absolutely nothing by beating England with Kohli, Shami, pant etc. But now our player pool is very very healthy and it bodes well for the all important Australian tour.

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37 minutes ago, Gollum said:

Heard a lot about Patidar, even here on ICF. Most of his dismissals have been tame, and 4 of our guys including him got unlucky with umpire's call in 1st innings,a record,  first time ever in an international game with 4 umpire's call dismissals. 


If we win this test, I hope Patidar gets one more chance in Dharamsala. 



he had only a couple of seasons in ranjis, that too rather late. plenty of better ranji batters than him since 2017-18: sarfaraz, vihari, indrajit, bawne, etc.

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25 minutes ago, Norman said:


Kishan is done I think. Arrival of Jitesh and Jurel has pretty much closed his chapter for now. 


Kishan did not deserve test spot anyway. Glad he is along with the list here.


However Axar could easily be back if Jadeja is injured. 

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34 minutes ago, Norman said:

The biggest positive for me though is Akashdeep passing the 'visual test' with flying colors. He looked international quality from the word go...now I know some will say that the wicket assisted him on the first morning, but just way he put the ball consistently in those areas and the way he was hitting the deck hard at good pace was a treat to watch.


Looked like a taller version of Shami. Now our pace bowling stocks look much better with Shami's possible return. Hope we unearth one more pacer in Tests before the Australian tour.

Yes, he was on target from the beginning. No straying down the leg side, no wide balls or half trackers. Hit the ground running. Need more such players. 

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