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2020 Bihar Assembly Elections

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3 hours ago, Austin 3:!6 said:

Who you think will win? Mind you huge anti-incumbency against Nitish babu. Also anger from Biharis for Sushant injustice.

Tbh, its all about caste factor in Bihar. Census caste data is what makes difference in selecting candidate.  

This year, it could be too close call. Also, i don’t really support anyone now after whatever Lipi Singh and Meena did. BJP Nitish to loose or Tejashwi wins, makes no difference. 


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28 minutes ago, mishra said:

Nitish attacking Mota bhai for CAA, seems like things are not normal in his camp

Not following this election, don't trust JDU. There can be a repeat of Maharashtra with JDU-RJD-Congress coming together post result day. 


Dunno the context but if someone opposes CAA, that means no humanity left in that person. Last one week, 3 temples in Sindh destroyed by Islamist mob. In BD as well as Pak, many Hindu houses burnt, girls abducted, forced conversion.....in some cases untraceable. If someone is against 370 abrogation I can still talk to that person, have a civil debate/discussion....even if the other person can't be convinced not a big deal. But if someone is against CAA, that person is pure evil with no redeeming quality. 

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