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Yuziless Chahal - the biggest scam in t20i cricket

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The Varun C experiment laid bare any chances of TM backing a youngster over our Supreme Collar-Muncher. Somehow always dose well in IPL so gets back into the setup but will get out bowled by anyone decent in a crunch game for India. 



The turd that won't flush.. Maybe it's down to his slender physique :afraid:( Trying hardest not to body shame like my fellow Indians) 

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1 minute ago, Majestic said:

We are a mediocre T20 team with mediocre cricketers. The earlier we understand the better is.


The world will continue producing great LOI spinners one after another and we will have to live with the mediocrity of Yuzvendra Chahal because we don't have any better option.


Options will come only if we try and back players.


Bishnoi outbowled him in Asia Cup yet hes not even in squad

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26 minutes ago, Majestic said:

We are a mediocre team. We dropped Chahal last year and what we got was that Rahul Chahar got exposed before the World T20 started and Varun Chakraborty got exposed during the WT20.


They can be given enough games or someone else can be tried like Bishnoi now till we find an answer


No upside of continuing with Chahal

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