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Austin 3:!6

India team's full schedule for 2021

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5 hours ago, Austin 3:!6 said:

BCCI can hype as much as they want but performances need to speak. We are perhaps the worst touring team to England. Even with so much riches and resources, Pak and even SL outperform us in Eng tours. 2011 & 2014 tours were an embarassment. I had to skip office for 2 days after the oval test in 2014 so that my frnds dont mock me...such a gutter level performance it was. emoji23.png

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2014 was the best tour in last 13 years in terms of result. We drew one and won one. We lost 2011 4-0 and 2018 4-1. We lost 2014 :3-1. 

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2014 was the best tour in last 13 years in terms of result. We drew one and won one. We lost 2011 4-0 and 2018 4-1. We lost 2014 :3-1. 

Scoreboard may say otherwise but we were very competitive in 2018 except the 2nd test in Lords. Little bit of luck with toss, Bumrah's availability from the beginning and we could have won/drawn that series.


In 2014, we were leading 1-0 after 2nd test. But what followed in the last 3 tests were shambolic. Most of those matches were surrender within 2.5 or 3 days. Remember the famous quote of Dhoni - "Glad we lost in 3 days...it gave us couple of extra rest day before next game"...lol.


In 2018 we played much better cricket in Eng than in 2011 and 2014.


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Yes thats what I was saying.. in terms of results.. in 2014 we should have had outside chance of winning 1 test till Anderson scored 86 as no 11. Third test we competed till tea day 3 when Rohit got out against run of play.. last 2 tests we were blown away.. though we won the odi series handsomely.. jadeja played a blinder even in the last odi we lost.. in t20 virat finally played to his potential but jade dernbach won the game for england  with dhoni refusing single to Rayudu...




 3-1 test series lost

odi s 3-1 won

t20 lost 1-0




test 4-1 lost

odi-2-1 lost

t20 2-1 won

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1 hour ago, OpeningBatsman said:

If given a chance which kind of player you would prefer at number 7. (odis) 


PLAYER A -  very good batsman with good hitting range , doesn't bowl, decent fielder 


PLAYER B - limited batsman, average bowler, excellent fielder 



You need 5 bowling options minimum, no.7 should be able to bowl

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2 hours ago, Serpico said:

You need 5 bowling options minimum, no.7 should be able to bowl

But my question is if that no 7 is not a reliable batsman neither a very good bowler that spot gets wasted. 


I think some of our best days were 7 +4 combo with raina or smone cmng in at 7. Well ofcourse, the 10 overs were bowled by rainas n yuvis n virus... 


Of course no 7 fielders inside the circle rule back then. 

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On 11/23/2020 at 10:57 AM, ShoonyaSifar said:

After IPL, the Zim, SL series and Asia cup should be a team of youngsters. No Kohli, Rohit, Dhawan, Bumrah and Shami please. They will gain nothing by playing in those tournaments.

You don't have to worry about Rohit playing those series.  If it's not IPL, he don't care.

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if you look closely, the 4 test series vs England is held in 2 venues only. Double tests per city only two cities to visit. This is likely due to COVID logistics issues and travel related exposures etc. 

It was scheduled to be 5 tests but made 4. I suspect if COVID doesnt clear up by the summer or show definitive signs of clearing up, the trip to england will see a similar 2 tests per venue and 4 tests in total type pairing down of the series.


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