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Best Test batting performances by Ind batsmen in a series

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Top 3 best batting performances in a test series (full series, not an inning) by Ind batsmen that I have seen and which resulted in series wins: 


  • Pujara in Aus 2018/9: Enough has been written about it. My favorite is the 100 in the first test at Adelaide where he was the 9th or 10 wkt down. Rate it at the top as it made Ind win its first ever test series in Aus (after decades and decades of waiting). The bowling attack and conditions were relatively tough too 
  • VVS v Aus 2001: 281 is probably the best inning ever played in the subcon. Helped Ind win in the next test as well. An inform VVS's was probably the best batting I have seen from an Ind batsman. Too bad that he could not leverage on his great form (for e.g. threw his wkt away many times in that period) 
  • Sehwag in Pak 2004: Oh boy! High SR batting at its best. A demolition job. There used to be a pic of Sami bowling with a helmet on


Which one is your favorite? 

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1 hour ago, Vijy said:

amarnath in 1983 and then everyone else. he withstood some of the greatest pace attacks of all time (and very shoddy umpiring too).

Did you follow that performance in 83? As we are only discussing the ones we followed and where Ind won the series. Outside of that, Sehwag in SL was good too but Ind lost that series as well 

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I am usually a big fan of series where it was one batsman vs the entire opposition instead of 1 batsman standing out in a series with collective performances. Nothing to take away by some individual knocks played by the batsmen mentioned in the OP though :hatsoff:

like Gavaskar vs Wi or Pak but since it is the ones I watched. These might have been losses but seeing only 1 man stand up and fighting might have inspired future generations


For eg; Sachin vs SA in 1996

Sachin vs Pak in 1999

Sachin vs Australia in 1999

Rohit Sharma vs England 2021

Dravid vs England 2011



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1 hour ago, Global.Baba said:

For eg; Sachin vs SA in 1996

Sachin vs Pak in 1999


If you want to list a full series of Tendulkar, the series v Aus in 1998 is a good option! 


 In those two series that you listed, Tendulkar had like only 1 good inning per series. In SA, Ind was bowled out for 100 & 66. Against Pak in 199, again only 1 good inning, along with the first ball duck v Akthar in the Asian Championship Test (3rd test in a row but not part of the series) 


listing those over performances where players played out of the world cricket throughout the series is laughable at best 





in SA 1996 

  • 1st test 15 & 4
  • 2nd test 169 & 9
  • 3rd test 35 & 9 


v Pak 1999

  • 1st test 0 & 136 
  • 2nd test 16 & 29
  • Asian Test Championship 0 & 9



^ the above can only be counted as 1 good inning per series (includes 6 single digit scores over the two series (50%) and that too by a key batsman!), therefore out of scope 

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Pant against Australia last series. We just witnessed something big but it ll only be talked about after 10-15 more years have passed by. The guy top scored for India in a series where batting generally wasn't easy, despite playing one less test match. That's akin to a classic Gilly performance.


Pujara definitely in 2018-19. Consistency contributing to a series win is hard to ignore


Sachin against SA, 2010-11.


Sehwag in 2005 against Pakistan. 


Dravid against England in 2002


Laxman against Australia in 2003-04

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Sachin, ganguly and dravid against england in 1996


Sachin had 113 & 177

Ganguly 2 100s

dravid 95

On 3/28/2021 at 11:23 AM, adi B said:

Laxman vs aus in 2003

Dravid in england 2002 

Sehwag vs pak anytime lol

Kohli in aus 2014

Sachin vs saf 2010

Dada vs pak in 2007 

Dravid vs pak 2005

Pujara vs aus 2018

Kohli vs england 2016

Sachin vs west indies 2002


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Vishy vs WI 1974-75 

Vengsarkar vs England 1986

SRT vs Australia 1998

Laxman vs Australia 2001

Sehwag vs SL 2009

SRT vs Australia 2010

Kohli vs England 2016

KL Rahul vs Australia 2017

Pujara vs Australia 2018

RGS vs South Africa 2019 :fear1:


All dominant performances helping the team win multiple Tests in the series :nice:.

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