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Young batsman you are ready to back even if they dont avg good after 20-30 test

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I often see here ppl saying XYZ player is better due 1-2 innings and then when he fails few games they say he is ****. Many here were in love with Iyer when he scored against NZ and now hardly anyone backing him, so the question is did u back him or got carried away with 2-3 knocks coz thats not the right way. Right now sarfraz is the flavour of the season but what if he fails few test then what , will u back him ???? 


So who are these young batsman whom you ll back if they perform even below par for atleast a good period . Who are those batsman whom you geniunly beilive are long term horses and when u say long term u need to back them through thick n thin 


Even if some of you think we shud stick with iyer and vihari then say it, always good to back a player. 


Its just for test cricket 


Btw current test avg of non established batsman are 


  1. Sundar - 66 
  2. Shreyas iyer - 55 
  3. Shaw-42
  4. Vihari - 35
  5. Gill 32 




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Posted (edited)

If you ask me 


1st tier- Someone i wanna back to no limit 


  • Shubhman gill


2nd tier


  • Sundar- Iike him but want him to get in habbit of scoring big runs in domestic n India-A
  • Shaw- will be exciting but quite inconsistent


3rd tier - the ones i wanna see more of 


  • Sarfraz- Want to see him against quality bowling before i make any impressions on him
  • Devdutt- I think he can be a very good middle order batsman but his domestic numbers need to go up 
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Talking about U30 players:

* Gill - one of the most talented young batsmen 

* Sundar - because he can bowl too and has the potential to bat anywhere in the line up 

* SDP - if he is interested in playing tests (can bowl too if required like in Eng where he won Ind a test with the ball)




* Shaw - can have problem with bounce esp. when the ball is new 

* Rituraj - if he can get his batting ti test level 

* Hooda - developing cricketer (can bowl too) 


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Gill for sure. He is still finding his game. It's noticeable he is trying to cover the in dipper by changing his back lift making it more straighter. So that's half the job done wrt his weakness against movement. I don't see him getting cleaned up as often going forward as we saw with Jimmy and Jamieson in prev series. 


For the outgoing deliveries he needs to learn where his offstump and let the deliveries not worth driving go. It's not a big technical adjustment, I think he'll come good eventually to become the #3.

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I like Rajat Patidar...  He has great range of shots to succeed at Int'l level.  He is basically Shreyas Iyer with a better idea how to deal with a short ball...  Severe on spin. 

Strong on both off & on side. 


Knows the art of inns building as he showed in Ranji Trophy & can take the attack to opposition top bowlers as he showed in IPl.  Basically a rare breed of a young player (not too young but fine) 


Sarfaraz will be a beast in SC but does he has the game to survive better bowlers?  He hasn't shown that X factor In IPl & that's what makes me feel skeptical about him. 

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Gill doesn't knows how to build a inns..  Okayish vs spin.  Will take a while I think to find his footing.  Needs to play in middle order if he wants any sort of success. 


Same case with Shaw..  Although he has better range than Gill but weakness is there..  Doesn't knows how to build a inns either..  Perfect player for T20s though. 


Sundar...  His temperament is top notch but seems to be made of glass.  TM doesn't backs him & nobody in country rates his batting which is a shame. 

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2 hours ago, Hell Raiser said:




Yash Dhull(  In a two years time)






Yash Dhull is a good call, I have my doubts about Gill, IPL has ruined him, in fact I don’t have much hope about any of them becoming good test players, T20 will consume them all.

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Since no one has good techniques nowadays, there is no point in choosing slow batters anymore. 


Just go for batters who can put psychological pressure on the bowlers by scoring fast. Or have a strong temperament like Washington.


I want to try Hardik for tests. He has all the attributes to be a good test batsman. And if he bowls then it will be a bonus. 


Shaw has to tried too. 





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Pretty surprised Priyank panchal is not getting mentioned, he has been batting at three for India A for some time now, should be next in line for the test squad m, decent stroke maker and plays well down the ground, sarfaraz I dont think is international quality and will be found out, bang dot average player, last two ranji seasons has had some real bad bowling and quite a few average players have made big runs, I mean Manoj Tiwari scored a century recently and this guy was semi retired, real options are gill, Sundar, iyer, panchal, eashwaran, Shaw, indrajith and jaiswal if the selectors actually watch matches then Yash dubey, dull, het Patel, kv Siddharth can be considered. 





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