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There is no excuse for KL & RAT going 20 overs without scoring a boundary after being 80/2 after 10


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1 hour ago, sage said:

No other team would bat like this. How pathetic and weak and cocooned mentality must one have.

There is an excuse, we didn't have batting depth.


Secondly, both KL & Kohli take time to start scoring. Kohli got out just after 50 post which he usually accelerate but he was anyway around his normal SR, it was mostly KL who got stuck and usually he will not accelerate till he has no option left, so he kept on eating balls. Then Jadeja & SKY added more salt to the wounds by scoring 9(22) & 18(29).


Not to mention Australia easily saved 30-40 runs courtesy of their fielding. Else we would have scored 270-280 here.

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I will never forget Rohit's unnecessary, brainfart of a shot against Maxwell, after already hitting a 6 and a 4. This was the day he should have batted responsibly, batted deeply etc.  Following the same template game after game cost this team dearly. Australia, saw, learnt and came with a solid plan. INdia should have changed  their tactics ... Rohit should have batted till the end instead of batting like headless chicken...


ahhhhhhhhhhh, No point talking about this. The greatest chance to win a WOrld Cup is gone.


Now I am sure it's Virat. As long as he is in the team, this team will win nothing. NOTHING! The entire focus will be on his individual achievements. We breached Gabba because he left the team. As long as he is there... we will win only ghantas.


That is his destiny and that is our country's destiny. Dont expect any ICC/WOrld Title as long as the GOAT batter plays for INDIA.


My views will change for sure when I cool down.......


Why did KL and Virat play slow? Becasue of useless Surya batting at No.6. If he was such a useless trash on such a pitch, and the team management knew, why did they keep persisting with this dead body of a batsman. Brainless tart didnt attack the spinner, instead kept giving strike to tailenders. 360 degree my foot, he can only hit behind the wicket, even when fielders are stationed there... Brainless feggg!


FInally whoever ordered and prepared this pitch should be flogged in borad daylight.


I'm out for the day...


Goodnight and Godbless. :flybye:

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They went to batting in first gear and even got out because of this defensive mentality. If you look at Kohli's wicket, he was circumspect in the way he played that ball. His movement was not precise. The ball was not threatening at all and he could have just easily glided it to third man. But because of this ultra defensive mentality he tried to half block, half push for a single and ultimately got out.

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