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IPL 2021 must be stopped and scrapped ....do the IPL organizers have no conscience ????

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Just now, ShoonyaSifar said:

Listen you joker, cut down on your fake morality.


Like I said that I am not a Packee is good enough for me. I don't need lectures on humanity from people of a country that breeds terrorists and doesn't mind killing thousands


WOW so now your just generalizing. Same people cry when I say most of the Indians are racists. 

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1 minute ago, Global.Baba said:

Ok Appreciate your concern. I am sure after your basic amenities you have surplus income, why don’t you start everyone else will follow.


It is not about the money. I am sure there are people qualified and smarter than you and me analyzing pros and cons.


once again if you release all the medical staff and equipment sure it can help but it is not going to magically solve the issue. On the flip side cancelling the tournament will only indicate a doomsday scenario.


Anyway I can’t get to you probably because you are waiting on your haunches for a breach so that you can start drawing equivalences with PSL. Now that I don’t have a solution for.

I can sense the glee in his and his fellow countrymen's posts on this thread,  disguised under oodles of fake morality.

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19 minutes ago, Franco Vazquez said:

Once again, @ShoonyaSifar is trying to twist my words just to show his racist side. What I said was that the players are such money grabbing c***s that they would probably not leave even if someone close to them dies from COVID. Look at Dhoni, his parents are fighting for life against COVID and here he is playing in IPL which is a meaningless tournament.

Noone is twisting your words apart from yourself...you claimed lots of players have had their close ones die and are still here. Go on prove it, else just sod off

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56 minutes ago, Franco Vazquez said:


A lot of players in IPL have had their close ones die during this IPL and they still have not left the bubble. Only one did. Dave Hussey said that the same thing is happening with the officials too.

Here you go if you forgot what you wrote

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4 minutes ago, Franco Vazquez said:


WOW so now your just generalizing. Same people cry when I say most of the Indians are racists. 

You are not entirely wrong. A lot of Indians are racist by the commonly understood definition of that term.


So your generalization is not entirely wrong just like the generalizations on Pakistanis especially the expat types by posters here. 

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1 minute ago, ShoonyaSifar said:

Stating facts isn't generalizing. Stop this pretense of being worried about lives. As much as you try, people can see through the charade.


Your generalizing 200 million people just bc of the acts of their govt. A lot of people in Pakistan are able to call out their govt bc of their acts. 

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21 minutes ago, Franco Vazquez said:

A lot of teams and IPL in general have medical staff which should rather be working in hospitals in India than for this shitshow IPL. Ambulances and testing kits are being wasted on players.

Isnt it true for Politician, Bollywoodiwood or rich . if politician or big bollywood start getting sick they got immediate admission to the hospital. Can you ensure that these health worked who would relived form IPL duty would definitely help the poor ones whom you are so concerned about. Poor people would still die as the challange what we have would not be resolved even if all the hospitals would be freed up for poor people. Any way poor people are not going to entertained by these private ultra sophisticated health worker which are involved in IPL. The problem in India is with massive population and how we lack general halth hygine of social distancing ,wearing mask, avoid going out without a reason, lack of health care infra... Central& State governement and inept media lack of vision and foresightness  like a lay man that covid has already passed India after first wave and couldn't not steup the covid inra to overcome the upcoming challenge, rather were more interested in Sushant Singh, Kangana Ranaut, farmer election and bengal and up elections. So stop padding fake sentiments if you know nothing about how our subcontinent works. Even though government would have prepared well look at our population we are 4 time of US and US have much better health care system still so many people died their and every thing was running there busniess as usual. Pakistani's are more concerned about IPL getting cancelled once ipl will be cancelled they would by busy trolling bcci and India as if it's by allah grace and pakistani prayer and dua allah brought wrath on endians. 

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Just now, Franco Vazquez said:

So is Abhinav Bindra a pakistani now? 

Do you have comprehension issues?


Whatever Bindra suggested - positive messaging, masking up, sanitization and vaccination, financial contributions by BCCI, players and teams- is already being done. He himself says he doesn't follow it on TV and was not sure about it. Read it slowly, will help you.

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24 minutes ago, rangeelaraja said:

A fabulous piece and hits the right tone and I guess most of us will agree to it. He doesnt suggest shutting it down completely rather using it positively. 

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46 minutes ago, Franco Vazquez said:

@beetle is more worried about cricketers not playing in last one year than people literally dying on the streets.


Kid...you have money so you do not have to worry about taking care of your family.

Most domestic cricketers who don't get to play ipl are poor and need bcci to pay them. Many old cricketers also depend on pension paid by bcci. Most of this money is earned by ipl . 


Having ipl is not hurting anyone other than people like you. It is providing livelyhood to some and paying bills of many as safely as possible .





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To make the Packees on this thread burn a bit more, we recently held the World Shooting Championship in Delhi, as I write this FC Goa is hosting Al Ryan of Iran at Fatorda (Goa) in a AFC Champions League match. Of course without any pomp and show, much like the IPL safely inside a secure bubble.


Yes, there is a huge humanitarian crisis in the country and we are doing/will do everything possible to do our best in battling the shortages but as they say the show must and will go on. Life will not come to a standstill, much to the disappointment of our well wishers from across the border.


IPL will get called off only at the stage when the players, officials and their families do not feel comfortable with the bubble. If it does come to that, it will be a fair and transparent decision involving the main stakeholders.

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1 hour ago, Franco Vazquez said:


IPL is not causing oxygen shortage in India but it is definitely causing other medical shortage in India. A lot of teams and IPL in general have medical staff which should rather be working in hospitals in India than for this shitshow IPL. Ambulances and testing kits are being wasted on players. There are enough resources available on internet to distract people and stick them to home. Once again by the end, you are bringing it back to money, just admit that you think that money is more important than human lives in India.

There is a lot that you assume.


The medical staff that is associated with most IPL teams includes one doctor and couple of physios and during covid times there are also a few who conduct the RT PCR tests.  All these guys are a part of the bubble. The ones who carry out the tests are regular people (any graduate is okay) who are trained (for 2 weeks) by whichever lab they are associated with.

There is *nothing* to say that any of these people would be qualified to actively fight covid, except for the doctors. Those cricketers who have caught the virus have been asked to quarantine and isolate. If serious ( so far none luckily) they would have to go to a regular medical facility. 


Many PSUs (non essential) have followed this model in India. Arranging for vaccines and tests for their employees. Even some non PSU who have their own housing colonies have opted for this model. Think of it as a family. 


India does not have a shortage of test kits. In fact the allegation against certain state governments is quite the opposite. That they aren't testing enough with the kits given to them. And that there are left overs from the quota of previous months.


Neither is there a serious dearth of ambulances as you put it. And the BCCI ambulances are for exclusively IPL use only during the duration of the game. After that they are returned to active duty to which ever hospital they are associated with.


What India lacks is a transparent distribution of oxygen and redemesvir . We also lack medical professionals: doctors and nurses and hospital beds. And the IPL doesn't take away from any of these.




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7 hours ago, beetle said:

What national resources?

BCCI and the owners are spending money and they will produce money for bcci which will help support local  cricketers in India who are suffering as much as many Indian because of lack of opportunity to earn since last year.


People need to be paid and if it can be done safely ,it should be done. The country cannot stop indefinetely without causing greater hardship for people.



This is actually a great post. BCCI is a private/ semi-govt regulated organization and its first job is to run the cricket.

Same goes for all the franchise owners in the IPL . they have a business to run and employees to pay.

Let’s take the example of Ambani: I am sure he is running all his businesses in a business as usual fashion no different from  MI or textiles or petroleum or whatever else he owns which is pretty much everything.  

Just like any other business in the world or it’s employees things won’t change unless it is hazardous conditions to work which puts people at risk.

If Anyone’s worried about their family back home, they quit or take break with the permission of their employers. The rest who think there are other obligations would have to suck it up and continue on.


Why is it different for IPL or the cricketers?


The groundsman and other contractors employed may not have the same level of “bubble fatigue” a million $ player might. Sorry for generalizing but people also need to work as much as they need to be safe from the virus. If someone feels it’s not worth it  as I already covered above , they are free to leave.


If this was happening unregulated with crowds and no SOP’s in the stadium and other poor measures, the fear would have been legitimate.


Now as far as resources go, I am sure every influential body and individual in India is doing whatever they can. Should Ambani cancel all his meetings tomorrow and give away all his money to fight this pandemic? There are a lot of other productive ways he can contribute which he is doing .BCCI is no different.


Also the medical staff employed in the bubble  are not relaxing and having a good time. They too have immense pressure to pull this off successfully by ensuring the safety of a lot of people. Not just players but every single staff member like groundsman, security, hotel staff etc . What are the odds they would be safer outside? 

There is no rocket science in what I wrote and I think it is pretty straightforward. In fact what you wrote was simple enough but unfortunately for a few we have to repeat it again.

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