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NZ tour of Pakistan: 3 ODIs and 5 t20is

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Just now, cric_fan said:

Man stfu. Is that even relevant? And for your info, ni i was not celebrating.

It is 100% relevant. This is exactly what i predicted when taliban returned. Check my older post here. I predicted there will be problems with tours and all progress pakistsn has made in last 10 years will disappear


Cricket is nothing, pakistan itself will go back to those days of daily blasts and chaos

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8 minutes ago, LordPrabhzy said:

Padosi Forum Locked :hysterical:

That site now uses advanced Algorithms to automatically lock itself by analysing incoming traffic surge and social media trends…

This was done at the special request of their Admins who were always busy in manually locking the site every now and then… :nice:

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Without knowing what the threat is we will be blamed - incorrectly i might add - for setting a precedent with covid for not playing the last test. if the terror threat is true then it is a setback after the strides made the past few years to bring cricket back to Pakistan. The credit was taken by this dispensation even though the hard work was all done by the previous one.

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19 minutes ago, asterix said:

“Passionate Fans” are quite sure that India is behind this. Hoping for ISI to retaliate…


Check Samaa TV, ARY the paxtan channels on Ytube now.. Pure comedy.

An idiot was blaming IPL for this. :cantstop:

Akmal was the expert.. :phehe: asking ICC to ban NZ and threatened them that cricket will die without Pakistan. :rofl:

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