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NZ tour of Pakistan: 3 ODIs and 5 t20is

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7 hours ago, ShoonyaSifar said:

Despite best efforts, padosis just cannot hide their identity! It's better to 


India doesn't need lecture from a country which cuts short test series for T20s.


Focus on the new age Ashes 3.0 between NZ C and your team. I hope you at least win vs them.

Wear your big boy pants tomorrow….  Keyboard warrior ..,, 

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56 minutes ago, ShoonyaSifar said:

At least I don't have to pretend to be from the enemy country. That's a win right there champ..


Careful when you write we and our for the Indian team  :isalute:

Wow … Good one …. What else you got ?
Apart from these same old repeated lines .. rinse and repeat again.. save some time …  oratory classes may be, to expand your vocabulary..


try harder buddy .. I am trying hold “our” team accountable , before new look at other countries … 


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