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"Bowlers Weren't There": Rohit Sharma's Blunt Reply To Question On Mohali Loss

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MOHALI: India captain Rohit Sharma on Tuesday attributed the four-wicket defeat to Australia in the first T20I on their lacklustre bowling performance, an area which has been a cause for concern for the team with the T20 World Cup fast approaching.
"I don't think we bowled well. 200 is a good score to defend, and we didn't take our chances in the field. It was a great effort from our batters, but bowlers were quite not there," Rohit said at the presentation ceremony.
"You can't score 200 everyday, you need to bat well. Hardik (Pandya) batted really well to get us there. We need to look at our bowling before the next game."
The skipper felt the game highlighted the areas which the team needs to work on heading into the T20 World Cup next month.
"There are things we need to look at, but it was a great game for us to understand what went wrong."

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14 minutes ago, rkt.india said:

It's called hit the deck hard bowling. Even if you don't bowl 90 mph, hitting the deck hard is important. 



We had 6 tall hit the deck pacers operating in this IPL ... Tyagi, Sen, Mohsin, Prasidh, Khaleel and Avesh


The TM should have tried most of them in low key bilatersls to see who are the best. 


But we tried only one, and the most unfit one at that ... and filled the team with short floaty military medium bowlers.


This is really difficult to fathom. 


Seems like the TM got too influenced by stats nerds.

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It's a fact barely acknowledged that Indian T20 selections are made in total defiance of IPL performances. Just look up India's best batsmen and bowlers in IPL and see how many of them find a place in Indian XI.


Then we have to suffer the resident poo-flinging apes of this forum chorusing how international cricket is not the same as IPL. LMAO - if anything IPL is a higher standard than international cricket. Just ask K-LOL.

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3 hours ago, sage said:


"I don't think we bowled well. 200 is a good score to defend, but bowlers were quite not there," Rohit said at the presentation ceremony.



How can short floaty military medium pacers be there on true bounce surfaces with the ball not moving ?  (  the conditions that we find at most foreign LOI grounds )


Mr. Captain, what are your thoughts on that ?

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1 hour ago, express bowling said:



As I have pointed out before .... 


For the Asia Cup 2022


They left out 9 of the 10 highest wicket taking Indian pacers in IPL.2022


They left out 11 of India's quickest pacers in IPL 2022


They left out 5 of the 6 tall, hit the deck Indian pacers in IPL 2022


And then we blame the IPL  !!


If we go and pick dog sh!t from a rose garden with blooming flowers, it does not mean the garden is bad. 


Man I gotta appreciate your temperament in responding to a moron who called icf a bunch of poo flinging apes. Solid dis that one is though.

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In every analysis Indian batting is somewhere at the top despite dodgy middle order and non-existent lower order. Real problem has been death bowling. BOwlers unwilling and unable to bowl yorkers (except Arshdeep). Unless you fix that area we ain't defending any total. Teams should be terrified of our death bowling and trying to play recklessly and give their wickets away. But it is not the case anymore. They can patiently bat until 17th over and go bonkers in the last 3. You know you are going to win it against this pop gun attack.

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Just now, vvvslaxman said:


wow cricinfo is trolling him lol Bhuvi has to be clearly communicating that he can't bowl 19th over anymore or Rohit shouldn't give him 19th over. Problem is he can do that if he bowls well upfront Y day he struggled with new ball as well.


Cricinfo always does a great job of needling indian players and its fans. You can always count on that.

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Bhuvi has been playing T20 for a long time. By now people know what he bowls. Everybody can set themselves up against him. His only variation at this point is slower balls, knuckle balls. Components that are missing 1)  Effort ball  2) Sharp bouncer into the body 3) Yorker (wide or straight yorker) .   Even the only variation he knows, he doesn't execute properly.  He bowled 3 wides. Three extra balls right there.

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3 hours ago, rkt.india said:

TBH, for Aussie conditions you need bowlers with bounce likes of Mohsin, Khaleel, Prasidh. We have assembled short pacers like Shami, Bhuvi, Harshal, Chahar.


Bumrah, Mohsin, Arshdeep, Khaleel


Prasidh in stand-by.

Ithu thaan naan appa lenthu sonnain. 


Salah bossdikai loudas from bcci and kohli tards here don't want to listen to me.

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