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Radical idea: make R Ashwin the chief selector

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End of his career, great cricket acumen. Doesn’t have much to offer on field. Give him a farewell test series at home and say good bye.


I think he will be wasted as a commentator/ analyst. Engages lot of stats folks and analysts on his YouTube and always takes a scientific approach. Much better than most rhetoric we get from ex-cricketers.


Also has enough stature as a cricketer that players won’t walk all over him.


I think he has a great future there.


On the lines of Luke Wright, Ashwin should become selector. Only current or ex-cricketer with some acumen and also doesn’t toe the line of the status quo.

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Just now, Sean Bradley said:

Ashwin has a future in Cricket Administration, he could also be BCCI chief in the future, Meagre selectors job will be doing injustice to his capabilities. 


More than the admin his technical nous is really good.  Definitely a role to play. But he has to be level headed and receive criticism with open mind. Can't allow himself to react. 

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8 minutes ago, express bowling said:

Ashwin will be a great Chief Selector.


Intelligent, aggressive and understands the modern game. Loves quick bowlers too. 


I hope one day to disagree with you and have a heated cogent argument with you, lol. :hysterical:


Definitely agree with this 100%, all the ingredients he has to select the right players for the right occasions, in theory at least.


I read a rule about being a selector for India and apparently you need to be 5+ years removed from playing. So at this stage 2028 at the earliest.

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6 hours ago, Vickydev said:

For me, Chief Selector, Coach and Captain should be tied in. No point having a selector with vision when captain and coach won't play the players necessary. 


Give them a target for a big championship, back them with full support and get rid of all 3 when they are not met, renew when met. Full accountability. 

Completely agree, they cannot pass the blame if things don't work out.


The problem with Indian setup is everyone wants to take the share of the credit if things go well but none of them are ready to take the blame if things don't work out.



We need accountability from all the selectors, players and coaches. 


Let Ashwin be good spinner first before asking him to be good selector. 

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