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How much longer will Dhoni play international T20s?

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Sucked in this format right from its inception, failed in every WT20 except that 2007 SF. Lost his team 5x more matches than he won. No wonder our T20 trophy cabinet is bare post the initial success. He will be touching 40 by the time the next WT20 arrives in 2020, how can anyone justify his presence in the team? Shouldn't Pant/Karthik be given a free run with the gloves?


MSK Prasad is a spineless worm, agree but do Kohi and Rohit have no vision? Where has their spine gone? No ambition to correct our embarrassing WT20 record? By all means let Dadu continue in franchise cricket but leave Team India the * alone. 


Trolling and banter aside, do CSK/MSD fans want him to continue till the next WT20? Seriously can't imagine people putting the interests of their heroes above the interests of the nation. 

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2 minutes ago, SK_IH said:

Anyone else in place of Dhoni would have suffice.Imagine having Chahal in place of Dhoni today, sure shot victory.Ind had to fill in Dhoni into the XI and that disrupted the balance of the side.


He's been disrupting the balance of the side since at-least 2017.

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India playing 3 keepers, two of them performing really well and deserve to be in the XI on merit as batsmen


Dhoni's batting is not even average, he is a bloody liability, can't hit boundaries, gets bogged down by spin and makes up for his shortcoming by offering nonsensical advice to bowlers after every freaking delivery!


He has been already exposed in ODIs but people have now tolerated him on sentimental value till WC 2019 but to play him in this experimental T20Is smacks of being selfish by Dhoni and lack of balls from selectors, captain and coach


The only things his pundits can highlight these daya is his adoring million fans and "ligthening" fast hands...those are enough indication to drop him :lol:


If Dhoni goes, imagine the possibilities...you bring in Lokesh, Surya Kumar Yadav, Hooda, anybody who has higher SR than Dhoni...you can even play an extra bowler!


Basically Dhoni fecks up team balance real bad

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Dhoni wouldn't have played this T20 series, but if they had played any other keeper, he would have staked a claim in the WC squad. That's the very reason he's hogging onto the spot even in T20s - Which happened anyways. Both Pant and DK are clearly better than him in T20s. He should just let it go in T20s. Anyhow he's going to play the world cup as first choice keeper.

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16 minutes ago, beetle said:

Shameless guy was even dropped...then managed to wriggle  back into the team to talk gibberish behind stumps .



This cracks me up...commies going gaga after every ball when Dhoni giving "advice" to the bowler

Guys like Bhuvi and Kuldeep are established international class bowlers, they don't need bowling tips from a wicket keeper :hysterical:


Dhoni has nothing going for him, so this one way to add value to the team

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This team sill needs dhoni to guide and calm these youngsters. Look what one word of advice in last game did to pants confidence today. Before that pant was struggling in t20is.

Let these youngsters groom around dhoni. Kick midgets like dk out instead. :--D


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19 minutes ago, velu said:

ICC twitter handle twetted 6/7 twees about dhoni in 5 minutes..


@Gollum  @helperononline  can any of you guys create a thread and post these awesome tweets ? :help: 



Sure will do but first show me the :money:

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