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Who is one current Indian cricketer that you want to see have a very successful career by the time he retires?

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For me, It’s Hardik Pandya!

I really hope and wish that Hardik has a stellar career for Team India by the time he hangs up his boots! 

Team India has gotten a pace-bowling allrounder after such a long time. These types of cricketers are extremely rare to find in India! Our last successful one was Kapil Dev! 


Hardik having a stellar career will inspire so many young boys to become his biggest fans and try to emulate him. We will literally have an army of pace-bowling allrounders coming through, similar to how we have it with our batting options! 

We have already seen the impact on our next-gen wicketkeepers after seeing Dhoni have a successful career. Now we have gifted hitters like Rahul, Pant, Samson and Kishan fighting for a spot as the team wicketkeeper all because they grew up watching Dhoni a great career and wanting to emulate him! 

So once again, I really pray for Hardik’s success because it will be extremely helpful and beneficial for indian cricket’s future! Hardik is a gem that all of us in this group should be supporting and backing. 

Instead of kids saying “I want to be the next Kohli” or “I want to be the next Rohit”, our young boys will say “Sir, I want to be the next Hardik Pandya!” 


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Just now, cricketfan28 said:

Kohli , i hope he wins t20 worldcup

Pandya bros , i like them very much, not sure if krunal will ever make it to the ODI side.

Pant and Iyer. Future will be good if they succeed.




Don't complain about multiple answers, the answers are in the most wished to least wished order.

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Asking for just one makes this impossible to answer.  


I wish that for every freakkin one of them who makes it to the team. 

Every one of them:

  • will have rocking careers for 8-12 years
  • lead their categories in meaningful stats like averages, strike rates, wins and championships
  • retire gracefully without chasing meaningless records like total runs, total number of centuries or total wickets, and
  • pave the way for the next group. 

Which will translate into unprecedented success for the team for a long time to come.  

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