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Manjrekar's personal chat

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Sanju Manju has sufferred from Stockholm syndrome since his early 90's phainty days. Every conversation of his ends up glorifying Imran and Wasim.


Even though I was a child back then, ever since I started following and understanding cricket, I have no doubt he would not have been picked even as a XIIth man post 2000 for the Indian team.


Very limited batsman with pathetic technique in SENA and way worse determination/ fight to play in tough conditions.

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Wow that last message, look at the arrogance of this guy. For such a limited player he has way too high an opinion about himself, also recall his jibes at Bhogle in the commentary booth for not having played cricket at a high level. 

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18 minutes ago, Tridibans_16 said:

Sanju Manju has sufferred from Stockholm syndrome since his early 90's phainty days. Every conversation of his ends up glorifying Imran and Wasim.

Imran, Wasim still have credentials to be praised. Sanju Manju ends up downplaying our stalwarts whilst praising the likes of Razzaq, Afridi, Imran Nazir, random Pak bowler averaging in the 40s like Sami......pos. Then has the nerve to say that Indian bodies aren't designed to be fast bowlers. Fully represents the very worst stereotypes of Indians...meek, submissive, inferiority complex ridden, self-hating, whiny little beech. Every time he opens his mouth with that constipated look, I want to punch a hole in my screen. 

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2 hours ago, R!TTER said:

Yo, people need to get rid of their hate for once! SM isn't always wrong & the guy pasting DMs in public is insecure AF :hmpf:

That guy also essentially accused him of verbal diarrhea 

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Posted (edited)

I'm not sure why there's an obsession with Manju's cricketing opinions. He's pretty fair and unbiased and tries to do an honest job. I think even if you ask Ashwin himself, his last great achievement that he needs is a run of a few gun series overseas to further his legacy. Recent Australia series was an excellent start, where he was fantastic until he became injured. Previous tours in Australia, RSA and England have been lacklustre. That's an entirely fair metric for helping judge someone as an ATG, especially when other bowlers from same era have flourished similarly on very helpful wickets e.g. Jadeja and Akshar. 

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1 hour ago, urbestfriend said:

This guy whoever he is made an ass out of himself exposing private DM's


It's called DM, direct message. It's not a privileged, confidential chat that one cannot make public. If you are on social media and send unwanted DMs to others, don't be under the impression that it cannot be disclosed.

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Manju thinks his Idol is greatest captain as he won world cup 1992 by inspiring a team which did not have self belief. But this moron tends to forget that Kapil Dev won world cup as captain almost decade earlier with bunch of  nobodies against the greatest team in history of cricket.


IMO His analysis is always flawed becuase he tends to analyze based on his experiences as player rather than just pure cricketing point of view.

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