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MI needs to give Arjun Tendulkar a shot


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Weakest Mi team in a long time. Not getting combo right.


You have an allrounder and a left armer who can also hit the ball a long way. Seems like a good athlete like his dad.


If he doesn’t get a chance now than it is unfair if he keeps getting picked.


throw him in the deep-end. 

He is a Tendulkar. He will figure it out :)


Play Arjun right now :hitler:


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32 minutes ago, bowl_out said:

Given that anyway he comes in place of Daniel Sams or Unadkat, I'd say give him a shot

Will take him over Sams and Unadkut any day.


even though I feel Unadkut is a better cricketer overall :nervous:


deserves a shot. What’s the point of wasting a slot? 

this is the best chance.


who knows a couple of decent performances and his stock can rise fast.

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