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Maybe just maybe India has found the best combination

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19 minutes ago, Laaloo said:

Still too many RHB in the lineup for my liking. We need a clutch LHB.

Too late to find LHB. We might as well go with what we have. Anyway it’s going to be in india don’t have to worry much about swing 

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1 hour ago, ravishingravi said:

5 Batsmen, two / three bowling all rounder, two spinner. No Shreyas Iyer. What could go wrong.


In the back up there is Surya, Shami, Aksar. 


Ofcourse I still dont think this team has the clutch to win big games but it is damn good team. 


Rahul coming good solves a lot of problems. Hope he is able to maintain consistency

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Where is top order left handed batsman.  

wher is left arm fast or even a medium pacer ? 

spinner ? Jaddu and kuldeep ? Third option required in india. 

we need one spinner top order batsman.  Either gill or Rahul or kohli has to bowl few spin overs. 

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We need a bounce bowler like Prasidh ( or someone who can bowl 147 k+ )  to shake things up if ball is not moving. 


Prasidh should have been in the WC squad. 


Ishan should be in the playing 11 and not be replaced by Shreyas. We need a LHB and also a batter like him who has potential to deliver under pressure. 

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We always knew that a lineup of Rohit, Kohli , Gill, Rahul, Pandya etc can be pretty lethal if atleast 3 of them play to their potential. And thankfully, pretty much everyone did that yesterday..


The problem is when we are under pressure in a knockout, pretty much every one of them ends up having a below par game.

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Our main concern is getting out-batted by the likes of England and Australia, who have a higher ceiling than us in terms of batting potential. New Zealand are also always there to piss on our parade. Yesterday was a step in the right direction though.

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