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Forget his flaw let’s enjoy Shaw

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For all the criticism about his fitness,physique,attitude and fielding, he is still probably the most exciting player to watch in this game. It might be a cameo but have a feeling it will be box office watching his approach. With Warner out, he is going to be the most exciting batsman outside of may be Green who I think is more in the Kallis mould but I might be wrong as Aussies said he reminds them of KP.


I am going to stay awake to watch him bat if we bat first.

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24 minutes ago, T20 said:

Shaw has a weakness to being bowled or lbw today. 

If he can limit his shots and leave the ball outside off stump, he is a chance of surviving this baptism of fire at Adelaide Oval.


I have little faith. I saw NZ dismantle then destroy India's batting lineup.

m always right. I know how India behave and will perform. Please always listen to me.

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18 minutes ago, Gollum said:

Play him in all 4 tests. Even if he doesn't click it will be a good learning curve for him. Let him at least identify his weaknesses and work on them in domestic, still very young. Test cricket is the most punishing format, don't get readymade players. Have faith in players like him, invest, support....

Can't he learn that in domestics and A tours. Why waste better players on bench for a work in progress

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