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Austin 3:!6

Selectors want Virat Kohli to play Zimbabwe series, final decision to be taken before team selection: Report

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3 hours ago, Austin 3:!6 said:

Why are selectors even requesting him? Just put his name on the team sheet. First time I am hearing, employeer is requesting employee to come to work. Just goes to show how corrupt BCCIs system is

If an employee applies for a leave but employer wants him to still come to work, they would request no

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If selectors believe that Kohli needs to display some form (either in domestics or in the Zim series) before being picked for Asia Cup, they can ask Kohli to play against Zim ... If Kohli was in good form, missing a relatively low profile series would not have been a concern for the selectors 

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Same stuff as what happened in 2016...Dhoni was asked to play in Zimbabwe tour which was just after IPL.


Man,can't forget those horrific days of Dhoni defending by experts and fanboys hoping that he will be back in form.. There were more discussion about his Batting position,running b/w the wickets and all that "advice" stuff to spinners to make him relevant. Don't want this to happen again with Kohli.. Hoping best for Kohli but Kohli should not be given choice here.. Anyway this will be waste of a tour... It is clear that Kohli will be back for Asia Cup,so whoever is going to perform for Zimbabwe series,it won't do good for that player anyway..

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Mother : beta you  failed math. What is your plan to improve ?


Child: i will take  vacation and wont think about math, i am sure once back I'll be next aryabhatta 


Mother : Would a mock paper where counting, basic addition and subtraction questions are asked help gain confidence?


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If Kohli has any semblance of Shame left, he should retire from Intl Cricket. 


This is a big life lesson for everyone, no matter how Big a player you are, if you show arrogance on the field, disrespect your team and the opposition team by mouthing your rubbish at them everytime a wicket falls, law of Karma will slap you so hard that you will never get up. 


Only way to get up at this point is to accept your mistake, Learn humility and stay completely focused than ever before. 

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15 hours ago, wanted_desi said:

Cat and Mouse game begins; Reminds me of Whole Dhoni saga after WC2019 with all break and joining army. 


Dhoni saga was never this bad. Dhoni had already quit tests way back in 2014.


In white ball he wasn't as big a liability as Kohli is today. Even in his last years he was still a good wkeeper and provided captaincy inputs. 


All Kohli does today is 'sledge' the opposition, that too in an obnoxious manner. 

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