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Franco Vazquez

IPL 2021 suspended

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26 minutes ago, coffee_rules said:

Spelling it “million’s” is typical subcontinental trait. Given the poisonous spew he has for “Indians”, he is a Pakistani. All right!


Notice "We Australians", sounds like urdu/hindi "Hum  Australians" 

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3 hours ago, SRT100 said:


Im sorry but this is so misguided it explains a lot if anyone in here thinks along the same lines.


The IPL in 2021 was a disaster, so was even starting it in India.

It was not as devastating as it is now, matches were going on, it seemed like a good idea. Things have deteriorated with breach in SOP and players and mainly staff are at risk. I was wrong, glad IPL is not happening in this circus in Delhi where farmers are descending down tomorrow. 

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2 hours ago, Straight Drive said:

Pakistani's on this forum are so ashamed of showing their true nationality.


Some Pakistani posters here seem to be using Australian and Indian monikers to criticize IPL, but getting exposed by their grammatical skills. A Pakistani cannot hide his English writing skills, no matter how much Aussie or an Indian he tries to portray himself as. Trolls. LOL.




this whole pandemic situation has exposed Pakistani people in this forum, focus is on how modi went wrong , how indians deserve this, how India is not able to cope etc not on humanitarian ground not fact based-> utterly hateful people that deserve not to be engaged. 


Every Indian in this forum should take note and spread the word. 

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7 hours ago, rageaddict said:


Mumbai has the lowest number of daily cases now among all Metros  and the number of cases are declining very sharply. 2600 daily cases compared to 18 k in Delhi and 22 k in Bangalore. Vaccination is in full swing and situation continues to improve  , plus Mumbai has 3 venues to organize matches . Wankhede was already in use , now Braboune and DY Patil stadium have to be made match ready for hosting 2 matches per day. 

Good to hear that the situation in Mumbai is improving! Hope other cities see similar improvement soon. 

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No need to rush this. Time to cut out losses and postpone it. Clearly the guys running the bio bubbles are not competent enough and a second breach would be even more humiliating.


Also no way the players be it Indian or foreign  will be in the right frame of mind right now.


Situation improving is no longer the option, situation resolved should be the target 

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'IPL 2021 not cancelled': BCCI VP Shukla says decision will be taken in due time

By hindustantimes.com, New Delhi
UPDATED ON MAY 04, 2021 08:25 PM IST
  • IPL 2021: BCCI Vice President Rajeev Shukla on Tuesday clarified that the 14th IPL edition has been postponed and not cancelled.
  • BCCI Vice President Rajeev Shukla on Tuesday clarified that the IPL 2021 season has been postponed and not cancelled. Earlier in the day, the 14th edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) was suspended indefinitely due to a Covid-19 outbreak in its bio-bubble


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Seriously....the players developed symptoms a few hrs after meeting infected person ? BCCI trying to fool people?


Seriously...Varun C left the bubble and just entered it without any restriction ? KKR ,Varun ,Warrior...are you so naive?


Anyways ....if things were so bad ,this was bound to happen ,if not this way,then some other way.

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