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How long is the rope for Shastri ?

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Verry long. He might already be begging the BCCI to arrange a home test series against Afghanistan to repair the damage done to the fragile egos of captain and yaars of the grandmasti XI aka Indian cricket team.

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1 hour ago, Switchblade said:

Kohli backed Shastri asked the reporter to keep his opinion to himself not going anywhere.

Agreed. Kohli looks like is backing shastri so i doubt shastri will go anywhere even if we loose Australia tour. The way he replied reporter it looked kohli believes his team is better than team we had in past 20 years.

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40 minutes ago, CG said:

Indian Cricket currently is a one man show.Its Disaster in making Selectors are mere puppets,Coach is Drunkard.Their is no accountability.

This situation has been there for a long long time even under Dhoni we were getting thrashed yet nothing happened, things will remain the same.

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2 minutes ago, The Realist said:

If the rope can fit in a noose around his neck then it's long enough.

Ravi Shastri has the best job in the world. He has a batting coach,bowling coach and a fielding coach under him to cover coaching(no matter how inept they are) He is not a team manager as I believe there is someone else as the official team manager.He doesn't do press conferences when India loses.He has no accountability in selections,He has Virat's backing as he let's him do whatever the fk he feels like. He has support from Gavaskar and other experts. He has the backing of COA and BCCI.


He gets paid a million $ doing it.


Suicide should be last thing on his mind,unless he gets totally wasted and fked up partying all night.

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