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Franco Vazquez

What started as a joke has turned into a disaster

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I saw the IPL postponement thread on PeePee and quickly dismissed it as a case of sour grapes and jealousy but now as players are withdrawing, it is soon going to turn into a disaster and IPL might actually get cancelled. All the foreign players look disinterested and act as if they want to get done with this ASAP. Can't blame them.

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19 minutes ago, Jimmy Cliff said:

Paukees (closet and otherwise) really really want the IPL to be cancelled, don't they? 

They just want to troll Indians on twitter and other platforms - kind of a revenge act for what happened to their league. They should understand the circumstances better. No one here acted like fools and breached bubbles. The cancelation calls are just to show compassion to the fellow countrymen suffering from the peak of a horrific pandemic.

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Pakistanis who are rejoicing & comparing with the failure of their PSL should remember two things :

Stupid PCB allowed crowds during their tournament which turned out to be a collosal failure

Secondly, there was failed Bio Bubble in place where in there was alleged breach of Covid protocols. 


BCCI are not as incompetent as PCB to allow such disasters. Players left PSL because there was mismanagement of active Covid cases.

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PSL was cancelled because of bio bubble breach, IPL has been going on in probably the worst wave the world has ever seen.


Make whatever of that you will.


Anyways the Pak guy is here for schadenfreude. Not because he is concerned.


Yes if there are legit concerns it need to be discussed because these are times when we need to hear all options.

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IPL is being held in a relatively safe environment (compared to the rest of the population), so the danger to players is relatively less (if that is an issue here) ... If people have some ethical problems like if they are suffering due to COVID (who told you to act carelessly in the first place), IPL should be cancelled because it makes them feel sad to see cricketers on field, that is a personal matter 

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