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Hardik Pandya Unlikely To Be Retained; Rohit Sharma, Jasprit Bumrah, Kieron Pollard Set To Be In Mumbai Indians' Retention List: Report


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4 minutes ago, Ankit_sharma03 said:


are u serious 400 runs for a 6-7 spot player seems avg ............ru kiddng me 



no all rounder will have value with both every time

Remember russell, last season struggling with bat but value with ball


yea n the basis is rustiness . Rather seeing thing as black n white better understand reason

every cricketer will have a phase where his some problem will be found - his case + injury . 

Regress kiya hota to do saal men 47 ka avg na hota , ab u dnt want consider that then problem ur blind dismissaL 

Indian cricket is rich enough to not carry on with his rusty batting & bowling, he can take that average of 47 in last two years & improve on that for Baroda. 

Indian cricket deserve other players who are more focused & hungry for success than this show pony

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2 minutes ago, Ankit_sharma03 said:

i hve same question, i guess they sit n have daaru chakhna with them and we dont 

Honestly, Austin is a quality poster, and I'm quite surprised to see such nonsense from him.  


Its one thing to dislike a player, or consider him not good enough for selection etc.  Quite another to make silly assumptions about his work ethic - purely based on tattoos and appearances.  Quite immature really.  But that's an Indian stereotype right - we do like to judge books by the cover.  And harbor negative biases against less educated folks who like to be "flashy".  Even if none of that has any fact-based bearing whatsoever on their work ethic or performances.

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Just now, sandeep said:


First off, the numbers don't agree with this assertion.  


Secondly, setting that aside, how does one speculate and make claims about a players work ethic and motivation, without really any basis?  Results don't always reflect the work put in.  

yes maybe personal attacks are unwarranted but I think the frustration comes from the fact that there is lack of clarity.


You are either fit or unfit. It’s binary.


Hardik is an allrounder. He is in the team for that. If he can’t do one of his 2 skills that reduces his utility.


Now if TM believes that he is valuable alone as a batsman, they are still taking punt on someone who is half-fit. 

Is talent depth in India so low that we have to carry a player who is half-fit? 

Now next point coming to batting, I have never seen either MI or team india having enough faith or whatever the reason not using his batting for more than 4 overs. Especially in the last couple of years. 


He might be the best every power hitter in the history of the universe but that’s a thankless job, it’s at best 50-50 situation for anyone. You can’t play 30(12) ball type innings everyday. It’s impossible. Then the expectation is you will contribute other ways.


Recently he hasn’t even taken the field on a few occasions indicating there is a niggle.


There is no doubt Pandya works hard. You can’t have that chiseled physique without hard work but it’s not been translating on field . More than Pandya’s form,ability or lack of it, his presence on current fitness (keyword) is messing up the balance 



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2 hours ago, Austin 3:!6 said:

Good...will come back to ground. He was very contempt with his life due to Ambani and stopped working hard. Maybe this will help him to get back his mojo.


A talent like Pandya should be regular in test cricket but he wasted his own career.



1 hour ago, sandeep said:

Just what exactly is this based on?



@Austin 3:!6  makes a fair point.  Pandya always give the impression of being another Vinod Kambli attitude wise ( new money and fame getting the better of him ).


Hardik's mannerisms around the MI dressing room far from being professional and intense are of someone who thinks  that --


Ambani gujju, main bhi gujju, mera bhai Krunal bhi yahan,  Sachin ka mere sar pe haath he, aur Sachin hamesha Ambani ke saath hi hai  - matlab MI is my maika.


This attitude does not fly. Perform or perish. 


@sandeep   -  you are being a little rude here, if you want to act oversmart, you can go now - I am saying it openly here. :winky:

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I am sure he can create bidding war but than Negi, Unadkat and pandey also did on several occasion. Reality is in 5 years since his debut his performance is ghanta, heck he dint even play consistently in those 5 years. He is bigger scam than Harshad Mehta most overhyped fake alrounder. He keep skiping icc tournaments and test cricket and scoring here and there in ipl or biletral series to keep his disciples and fan girl happy.

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